Reasons to recycle automotive fluids

Automotive recycling has become a big deal over the years. This is because of the technological advancements that have made it possible to reuse most of the parts of a car. In this modern era, parts like plastics, glass and different parts like car fluids are often recycled. Fluids should be properly disposed of because if they leak into the environment, they will have adverse effects on it. This is because they contain toxic components that are harmful to humans, animals, plants and water bodies. Below are some of the reasons as to why it is important to recycle automotive fluids.

Automotive fluids and why they should be recycled

Engine oil

Car engines require frequent change of oil and filter for them to function efficiently. Considering the growing number of cars on the road, the amount of waste engine oil that is generated and disposed of is unimaginable. However, the good news is that engine oil can be recycled. There are so many recycling centers that accept engine oils from individuals. Therefore, when replacing your engine oil with new oil, you can take them to these centers.

Anti-transmission fluid

This is a fluid that when released into the environment has a negative impact on it. When it seeps into the soil, it officially contaminates it, and the plants and animals that come into contact with it are severely affected to the point of death. The food cycle is affected, and this has a negative impact on the ecosystem. Moreover, the pollutants make their way into the water supply which is harmful for consumption, especially for aquatic creatures. It is therefore advisable to recycle this fluid to avoid its harmful effects on the environment.


This is one fluid that should not be allowed to escape into the environment due to its toxicity.It can be quite toxic when it mixes with underground water, and this is very risky because the mixture becomes a sweet drink. Children may end up consuming it accidentally, and that will be hazardous to their health. The good thing is that there are processes that can recycle this product and make it safe once more.


Brake fluid

This fluid contains so many toxins like glycols, solvents, and heavy metals that are not good for the environment. Moreover, it is highly flammable therefore it should be disposed of carefully. These toxins can leak into the environment and cause irreversible damage. Therefore, when you get a chance to recycle them, do it to keep the environment safe.…

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